Educator Workshops

Seven Actions that Integrate Career-Relevancy In the Classroom

Secondary and Post-Secondary Educators

Career development is not just the domain of career counselors and career centers; it's the responsibility of all educators who want to help students realize their dreams. This workshop teaches practitioners Seven Actions they can immediately use in their classroom and at least ten career-centered instructional tools to add to their toolbox. 

Career Development and Social-Emotional Learning

For Secondary and Post-Secondary Educators

This interactive workshop will give educators the tools they need to connect learning experiences to their students’ social-emotional wellbeing. Participants will experience the techniques first hand and be prepared to apply the practices to secondary and post-secondary classrooms as well as their own careers. Practitioners will 1) gain a concrete framework for helping students navigate career development and other life transitions, 2) learn two self-discovery techniques to help students discover personal strengths and resources, 3) receive three strategies for helping students develop social capital through supportive networks, and 4) walk away with a goal-setting template to set students on the path for life and career success.

Storytelling and Career Preparation: Writing New Chapters for the Future of Work

For Secondary and Post-Secondary Educators

Storytelling plays a crucial role in helping us understand the world, connect with others, and ground our professional identities within a larger context. Empowering students to tell their career stories allows them to explore their emerging professional identity and provides access to their voice in a culturally responsive way. Participants will leave the session with research-based knowledge and next-day strategies for helping students to develop and tell their career stories.

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