Karoline Jarr, Ph.D

Karoline Jarr is an education and career consultant that helps the education sector maintain relevance by aligning student interests, workforce needs, and student learning. She started Candela Education and Career Consulting in 2019 to respond to the need for more innovative learning, more creative, and experiential learning related to career development. She is a national leader who consults for forward-thinking companies and social ventures in the areas of STEM and career-focused training, program development, and evaluation. She offers career coaching and workshops to 15-25 year-olds seeking clarity on career paths that are right for them. She seeks out workplace visits and ways to learn from industry leaders to hear about their work and the challenges they face. 

Before consulting, Dr. Jarr led industry advisory panels and instructional strategy for Project Lead The Way, where her work impacted tens of thousands of teachers and over one million students. She helped connect real-world problem-solving to hands-on classroom learning for over 54 different Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Science courses. Her work experience spans several education companies and organizations, many of which operate on a large scale. These experiences gave her insight into what it takes to make learning accessible and relevant to all students from rural Alaska to urban Miami and everywhere in between. 

She is an experienced researcher, evaluator, and classroom teacher and presents nationally and internationally on education topics. Though she holds a doctorate in Psychological and Quantitative Foundations, she believes there is no such thing as a "terminal degree." Clients, colleagues, children at the library, and strangers on the street continue to inform and shape her understanding of the world.

She enjoys traveling, writing, yoga, tai chi, and exploring the vast nature in her home state of Colorado. 

Photo:  At the NSF Ice Core Facility in -36°C temperatures to learn how climate scientists conduct their work.



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